Monday, April 30, 2012

Selective Sketches...

And by selective I mean selective.  I typically post all of them over on my art tumblr but some don't even make the cut over there.
But it's the end of the year and I realize that I haven't posted much during school the past two semesters.  So for those of you not on tumblr, I thought I'd post a decent sized grouping of the sketches I'm fond of for whatever reasons.

 Thankfully it looks like my summer will be a bit more open-ended than last, so much more art will be in  production and as such you can expect more updates here and on tumblr. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

CCAD Spring Art Sale

This past Saturday if you were in Columbus hopefully you stopped by the CCAD Art Sale- a culmination of cool arts and crafts created by CCAD students, alumni, and faculty. This was the first time my roommates and I partook and it was a pretty interesting experience. We all got a lot of different feedback from visitors and artists alike and we all sold pieces as well!
I'm (for the most part) making this blog post to say hello to any new visitors coming this way that picked up one of my business cards! So, first of all-
Welcome to my blog! Hopefully you like what you see, and I try to update here as frequently as possible, mainly showcasing my more finished works and my process as well.
Second, if you bought a piece from me at the sale- thank you! I hope you will enjoy it for years to come! If you didn't buy a piece but were interested, send an email my way. (klangford.1 (at)
I hope that everyone who attended had a great time (certainly seemed to be a fun viable option compared to the not-so-great weather outside!) and hope to see you again at the winter art sale in a few months.