Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Some stuff

This semester (as usual) is out to get me.  Bless whomever's in charge that this will be the last one.  All griping aside though, I have a couple of new paintings to show for it (I'm already glaring at Brazil, but Marlfox is still ok in my book).

But now there's only one month left, so what have I got up my sleeve?  Good question.  There's some projects that are trailing along to be completed soon-ish, a couple new things to be started, and some stuff I'm really ridiculously excited for that I won't get an opportunity to work on until after school.

In progress is lots of ceramics work, which I won't have pictures of until after graduation.  Also in progress is my other sculpture work for the semester:

Apparently I really really need a fantasy creature's taxidermy head attached to the wall of wherever I'll be moving to.  He's a good bit farther along than this right now (hoping to start his concrete mold on Monday), and he's been my fun salvation this semester.

On the 'to be started' front, there will be one more painting for my Advanced Styles and Concepts class (looking to illustrate a fairy tale) and a second short story for my writing fiction class.  Which I plan on converting into a web comic as long as I'm happy enough with it once I've completed writing it.  Sci-fi is all I'll say for now, but hopefully I'll be able to digitally play with some character and environment concepts so my head will be in the right place post-graduation.