Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fianls finals finals

Here we are with 1 and a half weeks left.....getting there! In the meantime some classwork:

One part of the 2D assignment- collage.

Drawing final is coming along......due in a week. yay........

Our last in class drawing for drawing class. Argh!!!!!! The accidental smudging, why??? Other than that it's alright. (Graphite and White Charcoal on Parcel/Packaging Paper)

...and a drawing from our previous painting class, of a statue down by the Statehouse. (Graphite and White Charcoal on toned paper)


  1. Is that the statue for which you broke your back? xD You're quite talented with this toned paper stuff. We didn't use it all year...

  2. That is indeed the back-breaking statue :) And you should try toned paper. It will literally make ANYTHING look good XD