Monday, January 17, 2011

Erasers and stuff.

This is what happens when a kneaded eraser has gone through hell. Eight times. Maybe nine.

Not going to post any art today (so if you dare listen to me ramble, read on....).

Anyway I've been working on one piece in particular to try and enter into SOI/AOI and hopefully I'll get it done in time (for the curious- painting of the two chaps having a chat and coffee towards the end of my last post). I'm sure I've successfully painted over the guy's face at least 3 times now and I think I finally have it almost where I want it (cue invisible image where fantastical painted glory is blowing your mind). However I would be unsurprised if when taking a look at it again when I get back home I hate it once more. Back and forth bickering has lead me to the realization (once again) that I need to work on the rest of the image as well- not just nit pick little areas.

Among other realizations I had while painting though the most astounding ones were that I need to be more confident. Colors and value seem to scare me when painting but what makes a good painting? Color and value (face, meet desk). It sounds so obvious but when sitting there mixing up some colors on the palette it is SO easy to take it easy and slow. Then when putting the paint on paper and it doesn't looks quite right it's all about "Well I can just glaze some paint over it later and it'll help..." Clearly it's not enough (pun unintended).

Thankfully I had another artist kick my but into "confidence gear" (is there such a thing?....)- Mr. Anthony Van Dyck. Of course, this argument could be made with pretty much any classical artist but holy **** looks at those skin tones.

You know what forget the skin tones just look at EVERYTHING

Composition-wise- all the angles and value leading to the focal point and then around the picture and back again. The attention to detail and sharper edges as you get closer the the man's face. Lots of awesome going on (and I'd take time out to get more involved in discussing it if my battery wasn't about to die).

This whole past month I've been ogling the most amazing current fantasy and sci-fi art out there but I completely lost track of the old masters.
The way I figure it now is since the art museum has just reopened and is between my school and my apartment, once a day on my way to or from campus I'll stop in and do a master study. Nothing huge or complex, mostly just sketchbook work in pencil. That and a lot of notes on what they were doing throughout their work that makes the piece come together. Color, value, composition, etc. The opportunity is there so might as well use it.

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  1. Sounds great ~ to take advantage of that museum opportunity!!..I envy that!:D Have fun with it!!