Monday, December 19, 2011

The End of a Semester

(queue dramatic music)

On a whole it was pretty good. Between Illuxcon and several great classes with great teachers it was a great ride the past few months. So it's with a cheery mood I present to you some random things accomplished so far.

Clearly oil paints are the choice of the semester.

And then random sketchbook doodles of late- with winter break here I've decided to indulge myself and do a lot of fan art (*cough*doctorwho*cough*sherlock) but I also really want to get going on that huge personal project involving angels and whatnot. I have no idea if it will go anywhere but I'm working on character development which will soon head toward more involved story development. But the sketchbook finds a lot of these things floating around in it so I'll throw them out here for now.

But being at the end of the semester is especially frustrating for me (particularly how graduation is approaching faster). But looking at my work this past semester, I'm surprisingly pleased with what I have come up with but then again my style feels like it is struggling more than ever. It feels detached somehow and I can only hope I will accomplish a more connected feel next semester.

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  1. Here I go again, saying how much I love your work ~ and I DO!! Great use of color and line...really like the composition of your cemetery painting ~ the sixth one down from the top!!