Saturday, September 22, 2012

3D Illustration

Sculpture has always been a side bit of fun for when I got bored with painting or drawing.  As a kid I loved to play in clay and make a general mess of things, and as I grew up, I found out that people liked to customize what I collected (model horses).  I spent years (all through middle and high school) customizing horses of my own.  As a result I built an understanding of depth and anatomy that I would desperately need in college.   

As an example to illustrate the model horse customizing, here's one from a couple years ago, before and after:

It wasn't until the past couple of years that I started playing in clay again to create original sculptures, and it's proven to be a wonderful venture.  Unfortunately last year due to some emotional randomness, stressful assignments, etc everything from my 3D illustration class wound up on the back-burner.  I did accomplish the projects on time but things were rushed and I was left unsatisfied.  I rushed ahead at the very end of it all and did a lil orc bust I was fairly pleased with and vowed to do more work over the summer.

Over the summer I did stay pretty productive, with sculpture included (a Redwall ferret bust was posted earlier on this blog if you'd like to go digging).  I also created a piece based off of Slagar the Cruel from Mattimeo by Brian Jacques.  He actually has a little ways to go but he's nearly finished and will be (hopefully!) cast.  I'd like to do several casts and paint up a variety of fox coats and selling most and keeping a couple.

Now that I'm back in school and in 3D illustration once more I'm feverishly working on projects- sculpting is no longer on the back-burner!  First up (and almost complete) is a minotaur runnin' around, being epic 'n stuff.  He'll be cast in class with many many copies, and I'll be offering some painted and some unpainted for sale at the Illuxcon Showcase this year if all goes well.

And just started earlier this week is a fat lil orc guy.  Clearly very early on in his life, but he'll get finished fast.  He'll just be an individual sculpt, no casting or anything.

Hopefully many many more to come this year (already have plans for a centaur).

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