Tuesday, June 4, 2013


School's finally over, and I've been cruising right along project-wise ever since I got back into New York. I think the fact that I was so burned out last semester helped me find inspiration faster once I was free to do what I pleased, and I have to say it's been a lot of fun so far. For the past month, and next few weeks, I'll be working on as much art as possible. At the end of June I'm headed back to Buffalo to room with my brother- and that means I have to job hunt for a part time position somewhere hopefully nearby to pay rent and the impending school bills, and get resettled after moving again. So things might get stagnant for a little while after that.
For now though, I've completed two new paintings, and started a third (the digital line comp was done last week so it's a bit further along than that right now). The Daft Punk piece was a lot of fun to work on, and it helped me develop a much more intuitive and efficient way for doing final layout and color comps. The painting with the girl in the yellow dress was a trade through the pretty recent tumblr group- Crayon Crunch. Essentially a monthly secret santa event where people sign up by sending an email out of one of their original characters, and they'll be depicted by someone randomly chosen. The character I received for May was Ironmary's Mariska Morevna.
The third wip piece is something I'm playing with, concerning individual songs by groups I'm really fond of.


As usual there's a lot more to see on my tumblr: http://klang-art.tumblr.com/  where anything and everything goes up!

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