Friday, September 10, 2010


Blogger, you're a jerk. And now that I've gotten that out of my system I will share some really random stuff I've done recently.
HOLY CRAP SCHOOL. Just finished off the second week of my second year at CCAD and damn. It's going to be a really busy year. But stuff- yeah! I think creatures is a pretty great place to start
(mental note while uploading these....have to remember to make them brighter....)
And hey, look below! Creatures invaded the back of my screenwriting sketchbook during class (as such please ignore my god awful handwriting and notes on my assignment XD)

Creepin' on someone at the bus stop:
Maaaannnntttiiiccccoooorrrreeeeee. Actually really like how this guy turned out (SHOCK) so I'm going to throw him into photoshop tonight and paint the bugger up. and a wip skull headed chap for good measure....

Then we have some early on school stuff.

^ Yes. That's a dinosaur toy on top of my dresser in my room acting tough. What does that have to do with anything? Well our next sculpture class we're going to be modifying anything that can melt/burn away with wax and make it have some meaning. We're then casting them in bronze and I'm geeking out about this pretty badly actually. I don't have a concept/meaning yet, but if a dinosaur is involved, that makes it naturally great, right?

^Hey look- it's my little brother!! This would be an in progress assignment for my Illustration Methods class- the requirements were full figure, person has to be sitting, and it has to be 8.5x11 in vertical format. Still a ways to go but it will be done in time for Monday....

^And a couple of pieces from this morning's figure drawing class.
Just so I don't make this post excruciatingly long I'm going to do up another post on angels in a minute here....

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