Thursday, October 7, 2010


The epitome of art school, right here:

Yep kids, you pay tens of thousands of dollars for a resulting image such as the one above. Masterpiece.
Originally wasn't sure where I was going to take this post but snarkiness seems to have revealed a path for me here so I'm taking it. Paying ridiculous amounts of money to "learn" art. On a whole I'm really ok with that. School actually pushes me into doing things so as a consequence there is some actual learning involved. However, this year I've a few bones to pick with ccad. Advertising courses. Yeah, ok, I definitely understand how important and useful fonts are/can be for your art. I actually (gasp) rather like font and using it. Most of the time I end up getting pissed off at it but that's another story. But really? Why are these courses year-long?? What. The. Hell. We're almost half way through the first semester sure but I really haven't learned anything new. These two classes are now at the lowest end of my priority list. Sculpture's a really chill class- not quite what I was expecting but still learning a lot so it's all good there. Electronic Illustration- maybe if we weren't spending the vast majority of our time doing tutorials for people who STILL don't know how to use basic tools in various Adobe programs (currently Illustrator) we'd learn something. Not getting much out of that class really.

Giving up on bitching now- my two class priorities have turned out this year to be Illustration Methods and Screenwriting. Illustration Methods- holy fuck we're actually doing illustrative work since we're illustration majors- imagine that!! Out of ALL my classes this is the only one that I'm considering pulling pieces from to use in my portfolio thus far. And screenwriting. Hmm. Well it's definitely become a priority in my mind although I'm not sure why. All I can deduce at this point in time is because I love movies. Writing a script is part of the goals of this class- at least the first 30 pages, before the class is over (December). Mine's getting there, definitely going to be working on it a lot this weekend and I might post some of it here just for the hell of it.

Speaking of this weekend, I need to finish up (hopefully!) two Tron designs for the Threadless Tron Legacy Competition. So get that stuff done up and posted. And my hell painting for Ill. Methods needs to progress a lot.

What a great blog post. Just a lot of ranting and "gonnas". Will update with more pics less talk next time, promise.

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