Friday, February 11, 2011


Apparently since I've never had a problem with things being stolen from me in the past life's throwing me a bit of a sucker punch. 1st semester- my bike. 2nd semester- my newly repaired Intuos4. Sonuva...... (refraining from several choice words)....
Not that that has a point at all with this post except "ffffffuuuuuu". Here's to hoping my offer of a cash reward makes something turn up or my call to UPS inspires them to refund something.

Anyway...visited the museum today and took some pics of awesome things.

Some pretty amazing stuff! As far as the drawing at museum every day plot welllllll.....the above images are most of the amazing stuff. The coolest room actually has the worst layout so you can't even see half the paintings.

I think life is out to get me.

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  1. Wonderful pieces at the museum ~ thanks for posting them! ..and well done on your illustration! Didn't know about the Intuos4..will talk tomorrow about it.