Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reading, again?

Actually just finished off A Good and Happy Child by Justin Evans and it was quite the snagging read.

As such I'd recommend it, and reading in general. Last year I didn't read anything (with the exception of the Death Note series and Good Omens- also excellent). I vowed to change that coming into sophomore year and while it hasn't changed much I've still done much better (having gone through The Exorcist, Bartimaeus: The Ring of Solomon, Y: The Last Man, and A Good and Happy Child. Dracula is currently in progress....). Either way it's a healthy habit to get away from all the pressures of reality and inspiring to no end. And, according to a bumper sticker I saw yesterday "Reading is sexy".

Shutting up and moving on with art though, here's a couple pieces from commercial figure drawing. Black and white acrylic:

I think it's fair to say that painting "just makes sense" to me. Throwing down shapes and images has always been easier than hatching away with a pencil or pen but each media has its pros and cons.

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