Monday, May 9, 2011


It's the last week of school. And all my finals were due last week. Ok CCAD, whatever.....But I love winding down to this point and looking back at the start.

hrmmm.....and for comparison a 'sketchbook' piece that was due today for the same class (Illustration Methods)

Note I said sketchbook piece. That first beginning of the year bit of weirdness was a full fledged project that we spent a solid 3-4 weeks on. I like progress.

So what have I learned this year?

*Priorities- should always try and get all of my work accomplished but if a particular class/assignment could push my portfolio further- focus on that.

*Strengths- Play 'em up! Shaping (I've discovered this year) is something I'm good at and enjoy playing with. If you have a strength use it to support your work.

*Materials- Screw you acrylics. We used to be best friends but now you're just mean. Oils are my best buds and ink is pretty radical too.

*Audience- Hello anyone reading this post! The internet is a ridiculously powerful tool to get your name out there. This blog's been a huge stepping stone for my artwork and it's interesting how you can use other sites to get people to look at what you want (tumblr and deviantart come to mind). I've only recently begun using the two mentioned sites and hopefully can use them even more in the future to get some interest.

I think I'll wind down now and continue packing things to go home for the summer....

end of line.

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