Monday, November 7, 2011

Doodles and Illuxcon notes

Been a while since I last posted sketchbook nonsense so figured I would toss some of that up here along with some notes I took from Illuxcon 4 demos.

Petar Meseldžija:
(on how do we infuse emotion in art?)

- Be emotionally involved with the subject, identify with it.
-Icons are a great example of transcendental vs. our material world- the painter of icons is a medium between those two worlds. The connection has to be pure and to be pure they must submerge themselves in religious life. The artist-monk creator of icons prays before painting in order to align his spirituality.
-An artist lives his art- painting techniques are a pool of emotions, past experiences, memories, etc.
-Immerse yourself in reference (as a mode of inspiration) and identify and pull from that. Old photos in particular have that gut feeling attached to them. Also refer to the work of the masters.
- Emotion --> Inspiration --> Express emotion through art technique.
-Master your technique in order to concentrate on truly free expression and not worry about how you're painting. 10-15 years of practice in order to really master.

John Harris:
-Wherever possible don't resolve marks (lets the viewer dream throughout the work)
-Play with storytelling throughout- continue to ask questions about the characters (seen or unseen). If you have an interest in the people/creatures/beings involved throughout the painting process your audience will too.
-Shadows indicate bulk.
-Play with what captures your eye (both Harris and Petar Meseldžija hit on this point which I find interesting...) If you're interested you'll make it interesting. Give the paint a chance to play and play back.
-Make sure your piece is consistent in feeling- if something is defying scientific laws or seems to be don't worry about it too much- odds are there's a realistic (if bizarre) way of explaining it and we don't know everything about this realm/reality yet, so how could we know how others function?

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