Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Illustration Final

Ok, well this wasn't my only final but it held the most weight in my mind and turned out pretty well (one of those rarities where you're pleasantly surprised by it).  The assignment itself was very open ended- essentially we were told to turn it into our dream project.  As a result my brain went for the obvious mash of awesome movies and oil paints.  The final decision on my front was to do a mural for a movie theater (we had to have a practical application somewhere) of science fiction through the ages. 
I determined I wanted to rule out aliens and more organic life forms as I felt it would really get far too complicated and wind up with a very strange clash between organic and industrial shapes.  If I had had more time it would have been a fun challenge but with only a few weeks I wanted to keep myself reined in (something I desperately need to improve on).  But I'll shut up and post some progress and final pics of it here.

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