Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Illuxcon V

Wow.  Where to even begin.  This year Illuxcon blew all of my expectations away once again (I can only imagine what it will be like in Allentown next year).

I guess to start things off I might as well begin with the journey there.  Since this was our second time going to Illuxcon we had two Jacks.

The scenery on the drive there was lovely, and it wasn't raining the entire morning as it was last time which was nice.

We arrived in Altoon at around 3:30pm on Thursday- we had wanted to arrive early in order to hike around some of the local areas before the show.  But due to Altoona roads being confusing beyond all reason we got lost in the wilderness and decided to hike around a graveyard we stumbled upon instead. It was delightfully creepy.

We got to the show Thursday evening right when it was opening up (and many artists were still setting up).

Some views from above:

Part of Petar Meseldzija's table on the left and Patrick Jones on the right:

David Palumbo:

John Harris:

Mark Poole:

Eric Velhagen and Travis Lewis:

Justin Gerard's table:

Tom Kuebler's work- stunning and shocking as always!:

Most delightful of all though was being able to talk with Petar Meseldzija and his wife Anita every day at the convention.  They are most definitely the kindest individuals I have ever met- I hope I can make it to Illuxcon VI in order to visit again!  Petar also demoed again this year on Saturday and I'm excited to see where he takes this guy to finish.  Nothing makes me want to paint more than watching another artist work their magic.

On Friday night I partook in the Illuxcon Showcase at the Ramada Inn- and what a wonderful turnout!  To say I was amazed at the feedback I received would be a monumental understatement.  
I'm now back at work on several projects with the inspirational hum of Illuxcon hovering around my head- expect to see new work here soon!

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