Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day ten.

Taking an extended break has grown more and more curious for me over the years- and that's probably a good thing concerning my career choice. In short it's hard for me to spend over two days straight without at least doodling. Of course it grows difficult when spending time with family and moving around to different places, but I still keep my spare moments occupied. I've also come to realize that graduation (coming up in the spring) has approached at the appropriate time.  The one thing art school drilled into my head that I will never lose is to continually work on your weak points and just draw draw draw!  And while some classes in senior year try to cater more to the individuals' wants and/or needs I've found there's still a drag both on creativity and drive- so personal projects tend to rage on in the background.  While this will of course continue post-graduation with freelance assignments and probably a part time job on the side, I can be more choice in where I take my artistic venture which I am looking forward to.
In the mean time, on the topic of weak spots, I've been doing a master copy every day of the new year so far.  I plan on continuing for a month, and after that point in time I'll at least draw something from life every day, with some master copies interspersed throughout the rest of the year.

Days 1-10


(EM Gist)

(Ilya Repin)

(Paul Hippolyte Delaroche)

(Nikolai Blohkin)

(Francis Vallejo)

(John Singer Sargent)

(Ilya Repin)

Color Studies
(EA Abbey, NC Wyeth, Howard Pyle)

(details from Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's 
The Women of Amphissa)

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