Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Experimenting, Sophomore Reviews, and Fairy Tales.

Ok. Now this was a fun piece to work on. Mainly because I didn't know what I was doing most of the time. Haven't experimented with media like that for at least a year and it was definitely worth while. Now I feel all loose and free (in an artistic style way, mind you.) I do have to point out that the scanners weren't large enough for the whole image so it's kind of cropped- in real life it's compositionally spaced out on the page much better. (Also, media used- ink, charcoal, gesso, graphite.)
And wow- sophomore reviews were today. (If you want to hear me gloat and rave, read on, if not skip to next paragraph...) I was nervous, I didn't really want to go, my work wasn't up to par, blahblahblah. Now they did point out a couple of things I need to work on but nothing major and nothing I didn't know already. Overall they really liked my work ("they" being a few teachers from the illustration department). Apparently my line work and sketchbook nonsense has a lot of energy and I know my anatomy well. Also I'm strong on design and shaping (?? their words, not mine lol) and my type integration is pretty good too. About halfway through CF Payne wandered in (apparently he was kind of bouncing around randomly) and I'm pretty sure my face was something along the lines of this:
He looked around and LIKEDMYSTUFFHOLYCRAP. His only critiques were to respect my artwork more and take a little better care of it and to work more with environments and interiors (knew I was right on that when I posted before....). Overall though it was a much needed confidence boost. Since the beginning of the year I've felt like I've been drowning but now I found a raft. And Wilson.
And life is good.

But that's not to say any of it got to my head. I'm ready to buckle down in my extra time off tomorrow and this weekend to get some stuff DONE. For instance- fairy tales. For Electronic Illustration our final has a theme- Transformation. We have to do at least two digital illustrations. Ok cool. The past couple of weeks I've been digging up obscure fairy tales and trying to pick a few to illustrate (the plan is to do a book cover and two page illustrations- each for a different fairy tale). I have one picked for sure- The Ram ( Rather sad and beautiful but I have that final scene burning in my brain so that's on the list. Now I'm hoping to be smart enough to post all my process here so first off- reference! I've been digging up these images yesterday and today (no I don't own any and am not taking credit for them).
Obviously- rams. More specifically in this case- Dall's sheep.

Then there's the princess. For her outfit I want to do something that looks like it has historical roots yet modern.
So, some Marie Antoinette (can you get more extravagant?)

But for the modern yeah Alexander McQueen all the way. Hauntingly beautiful to say the least.

Then the princess herself- well while looking up images of McQueen's work I came across the model Gemma Ward. Now, I'm not a big fan of models typically- something very alien about their bone structure. But Gemma has such an innocent, young, and fragile look about her that there's going to be some definite inspiration there.

Then last but certainly not least is the environment. For some reason I keep envisioning it as a really grey winter scene but I need to do more research on what kind of trees are the most common in France, what some typical landscapes could be, etc.

I'm really psyched for this project and need to keep going on research and pick out my other two fairy tales so we can get some thumbnails going.

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