Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fairy Tales

Ouch, it's been a while since my last update- spring break messed with my internet time and to be honest I was kept pretty busy anyway. Mostly on electronic illustration. Our presentations were today and I got the green light to get going on finals! (huzzah!)
Anywho, everything that was expected from us today was a description of what we were doing, what our media application was going to be, thumbnails and sketches, reference and inspiration, and final line drawings. We have to do two illustrations. Being a glutton for punishment, I'm doing four.
First up, thumbs:

Hedley Kow
Hedley Kow
Hedley Kow
Glass CoffinGlass Coffin

They certainly aren't the prettiest things and quite honestly they're hard to read unless you've inhabited my brain. It helped that I had a very strong mental image of where I wanted these pieces to go but thumbnails should be legible. As such they're something I'll be spending a good bit of time on this summer.

Onwards however...reference photos! I have a problem with being addicted to digging around the internet looking for gems of reference photos. It's not exactly a problem I guess but I spend a lot of time doing it. When it came to setting up the presentation boards for class I had to exclude about half the reference photos I had printed (and I didn't print all the ones I had found either). I'll only post a scattering here but trust me, I have a LOT more.

Would also like to note that none of these images belong to me, I used them for reference and inspiration only.

We were also expected to gather sources of inspiration which I enjoy even more than digging up reference photos. I won't post the images I printed out but here's links to everyone (definitely worth a look through -winkwinknudgenudge-):

-John Howe
-Jean-Baptiste Monge
-Petar Meseldzija
-Alexander McQueen (actually not many great images on the site as far as I could find but if you search for them elsewhere there's some fantastic work)
Then a couple of classics that obviously don't have websites:
-EA Abbey (love, Love, LOVE, LOVE) and
-Herbert James Draper
Both are fantastic artists and absolutely awe inspiring work.

Then there's the finals:

The Hedley Kow:

The Ram:
The Glass Coffin:

All of them (with the exception of The Hedley Kow chapter title- also the font there is mostly Serpentis Black: will be painted in corel. The title will be done up in Illustrator (we have to use Illustrator and the pen tool, so yeah...will also probably just lay in the font and manipulate it as needed). All in all I'm actually pretty pleased with how they turned out. Hopefully the painting process will nudge them up a few more notches. (oh, and those white boxes are where font will be going from the stories).

And there you have a vague-ish kind of sort of Klang process.

No blogging during break equals a long post I suppose.
Oh! And to end this on an even happier note, Wacom is going to be replacing my lost Tablet buddy! I was so surprised when they called and told me today. My year has been made. They were wonderful to deal with (UPS however....grumblegrumble) and this really topped it all off. They're definitely going to get a very nice thank you card.

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