Thursday, October 21, 2010


I only say nonsense because I'm cheating to a degree here. These little pieces were done as part of a process for my Design for Illus class last earlier this week- that post a little while back, with the guy I wanted to use, and vacation? That's this.
Petra! Cool place, would love to go someday.Someplace in the autumn. Trees and stuff. Yeah. The house is going to get kicked out though to be replaced by a canoe.My least favorite. Going to have the beach continue across the image slightly downwards and swooping across.
Got in the groove of painting digitally for once, so this one's cool in my book.

So what the teacher and I determined in class was to take the mountain one and develop it more graphically like the autumn leaves one. Progress thus far:

I guess the end product is going to something along the lines of a calendar page? Not exciting but it's something I suppose.
And just as a heads up, more angels and creatures in next post.

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