Friday, October 15, 2010


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cue actual blog post:

Well regularity's a pretty simple goal at any rate so we'll see if I can keep this up. So annoying nagging realizations aside from the last post, personal projects are on the rise. Giant goal for the year- apply for several internships for this summer. With luck I'll get one but I know that I will be far from a quality portfolio if I rely only on school work. Not like logos and graphic design can't be fun,, yeah.
(ok ok, I do like this logo and how it's turning out but my concentration is definitely in other areas at the moment.)

Illustration is where we're headed. Kind of. I think. But moving along with artwork at any rate.

Ok, this is the first figure drawing I've done this year that I've kind of liked. (Lookit those planes!)
and figure drawing this week continued with more planes- more specifically hands, feet, and faces. The foot was the only one I really finished.
This was a portrait done in my Illustrations Methods class a couple of weeks ago, approx. 20 min.
Don't know why I'm shading things more graphically but it's working well so far so we'll see where it goes.And a little more illustration methods work- in class we had to come up with 5 verbs and 5 nouns, then combine a pair to make an illustration. Interesting to say the least- the two words I chose were "doorknob" and "yell". A gate to hell was the only logical things to do anyway. Working in acrylics is an interesting process- the last time I seriously worked with them was senior year in high school so getting back into the swing of things has been pretty difficult. Things have been improving but it's been slow.
And time for work not related to school- this first one was actually for a project I'm doing for Design for Illustration but the teacher felt it was too far of a leap from the original four part process she's having us tie into the final piece. Long story short- we were given different catalyst words (mine was vacation) and we have to do 4/5 separate pieces each using something different (texture, pattern, decoration, etc.) I was doing 4/5 different "typical" vacation spots then for the final "real life application" have a poster/album cover with this poor guy being forced to watch vacation spots on stacks of tvs. But I was told it was too far off, to save this idea for future use, etc. But I'm working on him now because I like him. Did notice when editing his photo that he's a bit too straight and rigid- will fix him up asap.
Continuing on into the realm of personal projects however I've had this painting drawn out for a while now (this is only a part of it) but I really want to start painting again soon when I get the chance. So hopefully there'll be a small update on this guy in my next post.

Recent sketchbook doodling has found me back at the familiar things- skull people and angels. I actually feel like I'm getting closer to a final "set" of angels though so I'm continuing with them almost all the time now to get everything sorted out.

And our final distraction from school- a sculpture. Still a ways to go yet but I'm liking him so far (please excuse that god-awful full-length leg and very rough neck/head though). He's loosely based on a sketch I did a few months back.

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  1. Oh my jesus god that angel, I am marrying you when I come back to the apartment.