Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've listened to that song at least 30 times. Since yesterday. Expect Tron fan art after Tron Night tomorrow. I am such a lost cause.
Currently being a geek has been a bit of a downer- mostly in the fact that when you're a geek you invest so much obsession in a very specific idea or concept that if someone doesn't "get it" you're instantly shot down. Cue angels.

That there be fallen angels, Lucifer front left. My geekery over angels in the past year or so has led to a very specific idea of what angels really are. Introduce a teacher who's critiquing the piece and doesn't know the entire realm of angelic beings you've created and get ready for a downfall. Teacher's impression: winged robot women. So teacher would like to see more elegant figures, less bulky, more flowing wings.....


I don't know where this is going but the project for this class shifted to my other line work piece:

Still a few things that need tweaking but it'll be entertaining. But GRR. I think it's time to get serious on this angel realm stuff and GET IT TOGETHER. Time to change that chick with wings mindset. Trick is finding the spare time but that's an entirely different can of worms. The most immediate result from this all is be less attached I suppose. Play nice, finish the school work as best as I can and work on portfolio work that I feel matters (and no, that does not mean my portfolio will only consist of angels.) Sculpture and Digital will be on the rise in Apartment R. Along with movie watching. I've really been slacking on that front and while a lot view movies as simple leisure, they're so much more. Hopefully these influences will narrow down my career ideas.
But this has wound down into another rant and a lack of art. Apologies for that :) Will have to attempt a post again tomorrow with more work, less talk.

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