Wednesday, November 3, 2010


After a walk last night I determined I want to create a graphic novel. My current idea on it is based off of a screenplay I'm writing for my screenwriting class. It follows a guy (steve) who's riding a bus. His thoughts, ideas and stereotypes begin to define the reality around him- making it a downward spiral into his subconscious. The graphic novel would be on a much broader spectrum following different individuals and include angels and the end of the world. Lots of fun stuff in one place. Current idea here:

Steve and similar individuals see things- these things are part of their own subconscious. Some force these on the normals world while others keep it to themselves and try to figure it out/make it stop. These subconscious projections are in part the fault of an angel(s) who got bored and “blessed” these individuals. Now other angels have to intervene as the end of the world is about to come around and these people are fucking up their plans.

If you want to delve further- screenplay snippet:

Apologies they're just separate screenshots but didn't want to clog up a post with a ton of text.

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